Ames Farm honey
Honey - the sweetest gig
From 2017 to 2019, I worked as the in-house content manager and then creative director at Ames Farm, a beloved Minnesotan raw honey company. In charge of all things visual, I produced printed materials, website and email content, online advertising, product images and photography, and packaging solutions. This design work enhanced and often doubled our sales online, at farmers markets, and at partner natural foods co-ops and gourmet shops. As the implicit web admin, I also maintained and initiated enhancements to, such as new content, ecommerce product features, and extensive copywriting.
During my time at Ames Farm, we released a couple of brand new products and seasonal items that required labels appropriate to the established brand style of the original honey jars.
The smallest 2-oz honey jar also makes a great customizable party gift, so we expanded the label design offerings beyond solid colors to include more seasonal styles for events held during fall and winter (or for people who just love plaid).
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