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Keeping up with Asset libraries
From mid-2019 through 2020, I worked as a graphic designer for Code42, a leading data security company that specializes in insider threat. Collaborating with the brand team, I created digital assets such as paid media ads, consistent images for social, and website content. Tracking the ever-evolving brand guidelines was key, so I also spent a big portion of my time at Code42 updating and enhancing visual assets across channels.

The Code42 marketing team has brilliant strategic minds who pay attention to trends and measurable results from advertising and web tracking. I created display ads that led users to specific pieces of content appropriate to their interests and sales stage. As most paid media buys go, this work required a consistent look across a set of 5-6 different sizes for each ad.

These infographics were part of a big content push for the brand new security resource center at that served the new demand engine program.

The new resource center required about 500 new visual pieces such as preview images, social and paid media layouts, and the actual pieces of content being served in the demand engine. This content push also coincided with a brand refresh, so I had the pleasure of producing visuals with a bold and vibrant look and feel that positioned Code42 as a progressive and modern security leader.

Social media posts across the major platforms followed a template that expedited production and was flexible enough to alter based on creative needs and evolving brand guidelines.
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