Code42 Swag & Internal
socks for your Socs
As part of the Code42 brand team, I designed printed materials and swag for events in the public space, such as trade conferences, and internal biennial company functions. Following our brand guidelines was key to unifying all items with a clean and vibrant look and feel.

During the start of the Covid pandemic, Code42 launched the Insider Risk Summit, a yearly virtual event for security experts and practitioners, partnering with 10 other security giants such as CrowdStrike, Exabeam, and Sumo Logic. These items were part of a specially branded swag kit shipped directly to partners.

My favorite gig—sock designer.

An internal t-shirt to celebrate the launch of Code42's new product, Incydr.

This plinko board is a 5-foot-tall game designed to engage trade show goers. When a player drops the plinko chip at the top, it shows how sensitive files can travel out of a secure perimeter thanks to many modern exfiltration vectors like thumb drives, departing employees, or an employee's personal cloud storage.

Using our brand iconography and styled portraits of the executive team, I worked with the sales enablement team to riff of the game Clue for some investigative fun during our internal annual kickoff. The team paired this 2"x4" printed game with in-presentation video clues throughout the week-long event.

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